This post does NOT contain graphic images

of poor rhinos being poached because

I’m not in the business of making people sad

Facts about taking this picture:

1. writing backwards on your own hand is really freakin’ difficult

2. yes, it looks like a kindergartener/doctor/serial killer wrote this on my hand. I’m accepting it.

3. please do not judge my artistic abilities on this image (p.s. I don’t have any artistic abilities anyways)

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s give some hump day props! Call me a bandwagon fan all you want but I want to talk about this while it is hot and trending. Today, props are going to the #stopkillingrhinos campaign, because writing on your hand in sharpie saves rhinos, right? Ok, let’s be real writing on your hand and posting it on social media doesn’t do a lot for rhinos except spread awareness. HOWEVER, the first step to getting involved in something is being aware of it, which is why hump day props are going to the #stopkillingrhinos campaign! The second step is getting informed, which is why you’re reading this post!

So why would anyone take on a rhino to poach their horns? Well that can be broken down into 3 main reasons:

1. Habitat loss: poachers clear out rhino populations to clear the land for whatever reason

2. Poaching: this is the obvious one, rhinos are killed for their horns on a daily basis for “medicine”

3. Political conflict: since no one can decide who is in charge of these regions, they are not properly policed to fight against poachers and they can have free reign

History lesson: some Asian cultures believe that ground up Rhino horns act as an aphrodisiac which is where the word “horny” comes from. Apologies in advance if I have ruined this word for you since now you can relate “being in the mood” to Rhino poaching… oops.

So how an you help?

  • spread awareness! The #stopkillingrhinos campaign is a great way to start the process of saving this species!
  • donate $$$, most conservation organizations rely on donations to keep their operations running, whether it’s $10, $20 or $100, every little bit helps
  • do not buy rhino horn products, decorations, etc. stay away from products that feed into the poaching

All in all, being aware and informed is the first step to making a difference! For step 3 go to https://www.savetherhino.org/

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